It’s values that determine the way I think and act.
They are the basis of efficient and creative cooperation.
Thanks to them, I am a reliable partner and my
teams achieve more.


Trust is the foundation of every relationship. It is the first step towards open communication and efficient cooperation. It builds commitment of employees and the results are more certain to come true. It is particularly important when it comes to issues, needs and challenges.

Partnership and cooperation

Working for a customer, I become part of their team. We identify the goals and shape cooperation standards together. We look for solutions which will be beneficial for all the involved parties so that success is achievable and expectations are exceeded.

Commitment and passion

Management, enhancement and looking for a third solution are my passion. I do not only get involved in a project to achieve the goals on time and within the planned budget, but also to make the project bring measurable benefits.

Responsibility and reliability

In life and business, I rely on high quality and culture, assuming full responsibility for my work. The basis of my effectiveness is the assumption that even the best system will not bring any benefit if it is not user fitted.

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